Frequently Asked Questions About Our Portable Buildings

Is it possible to view some of the shed styles in person?

The buildings on our lot are open for inspection all the time during daylight hours for viewing independently. If you would like to have someone meet with you, after 5 p.m.weekdays, on weekends, or holidays by appointment. Please call or email to set up a time.

Is there a price difference between asphalt shingles or steel roof?

No, the price is the same.

What if I move or I sell the building?

North Star Portable Buildings will move your building for a fee.

Do I need a concrete pad, or base, for my building?

No, any level solid spot is sufficient.

What size floor joists are in a standard floor and what size skids are they on?

Floor joists are 2×4. Skids are 4×6.

Do I have to purchase a building from inventory or can I order one the way I want it?

Countryside Portable Buildings has many buildings already built for you to view and see exactly what you purchase, at their location. If you’d like to order the building in a different color or materials or you’d like to add options such as shutters, extra windows, door with a window, etc. Countryside Portable Buildings will assist you with that.

A truck cannot fit on my property to unload the building, how will the building get to my site?

North Star Portable Buildings will unload the truck as close to the site as possible. It will then be navigated onto the site, leveled, and set up by the driver.

Will you prepare the site for the building?

No. North Star Portable Buildings will deliver, set up, and level the building on your prepared site on a date agreed upon by the purchaser and North Star Portable Buildings. We have compiled a referral list of site prep companies – please ask if you are interested.

It is nearly impossible to get a built unit onto my site, will you build it in place?

No, North Star Portable Buildings are built in Athens, Wisconsin and delivered to your site.

I currently have an old structure I want to get rid of to place my new building in the same spot. Do you remove old buildings?

No, but we can refer you to a few people who will remove your structure for a fee.